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School Counselors

Definition of Bullying

What is bullying? Bullying is intentional harmful behavior by one or more that is directed towards a specific victim. Bullying exists when a student deliberately dominates and harasses another student who is perceived to have less power. Bullying is repeated and intentional.

What is the 'Caring Majority'? The Caring Majority is a group of kids that care enough to stand up and support those who are being bullied. These students are called UPSTANDERS. No longer can we stand by and let others be bullied. They use their words and presence to support students that are unable to speak up for themselves. 

If you have any questions regarding bullying at Pine Trail Elementary, please call Ms. Woodward at 386-258-4672


Life Skills

Pine Trail's character-building life skills are woven into the curriculum at every grade level. Students whose behavior reflects the life skills often receive special recognition.

  • INTEGRITY:  To know the difference between right and wrong and to do what is right.
  • INITIATIVE:  To do something because it needs to be done; not being told to have to do it.
  • FLEXIBILITY:  To be able to change your plans when necessary without getting upset or being resentful
  • ORGANIZATION: To plan or arrange things in an orderly way; to keep things in order and ready to use.
  • EFFORT: To constantly try to do your best no matter how hard it may be.
  • PROBLEM-SOLVING: To come up with a solution for a difficult problem; to find solutions to everyday problems.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: To be accountable for your actions and not to blame others.
  • PATIENCE: To wait calmly without acting annoyed or upset.
  • COOPERATION: Working with other people in order to reach a common goal.
  • CARING: To feel care and concern for others; to relate to other people's feelings.