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Physical Education (PE) Department

Physical Education

​​​Welcome to Physical Education during a pandemic. Face to face students will meet, as always, under the covered classroom. Students are assigned a number to sit on to help maintain distancing. Since we are able to maintain distance and be outdoors, masks are not required to be worn, however, students may wear them if they desire. Students need to keep their masks with them at all times. Students may bring their own water bottles with their name or initials on it. We don't want things getting mixed up! During these times, sharing is NOT caring. During inclement weather days, we may be inside, which will require students to keep their masks on.

Expectations for brick and mortar students are pretty simple: work hard and stay out of trouble. Grading is based on ability, effort and responsible behaviors. We expect 'live' students to make an honest effort to perform the tasks and communicate via 'discussions'.  

Physical education for Volusia Live students will be completed on CANVAS and lessons will be similar to that of the face to face students.

These are strange times and things are changing almost daily. Stay tuned for updates. Together, we will get through this.

Mr. Vollinger, Physical Education, Pine Trail Elementary

H​ealth Note


A Health Note From the Pine Trail Physical Education Department:
Dear Parents,
            Statistics have shown that ultraviolet radiation damages skin, eyes and the immune system with these effects being cumulative. Skin cancer is the #1 cancer in our society and 1 American dies each hour.  Being aware of these facts, we are establishing a sun safe policy at Pine Trail Elementary and are encouraging the children to wear sunscreen, sun protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses. We will also be doing a variety of lessons on sun safety in the classroom.  We encourage and welcome your support.

Coach Vollinger